Three gadgets to help you stay healthy

Nokia Body+ Scale

A digital scale that monitors your weight and analyzes body composition: body fat, water-percentage, muscle and bone mass. This scale encourages you to do daily weigh-ins and sends your data to the Heath Mate app for charting. I don’t usually allow scales in my house (to avoid freak outs when gaining weight during the holidays). This smart scale however is great for monitoring your long-term weight trends.

Nokia smart scale

Fitbit or Apple Watch

I’ve converted to the Apple Watch but I still sometimes miss my Fitbit. It was so easy to forget that you were wearing the Fitbit; it automatically tracks your exercise and sleep. The Apple Watch is not quite there, you have to manually start and stop when you are exercising. There are apps that you can download to automatically track sleep, but they are not as slick as the Fitbit. With the iOS 12.0 update however, Apple Watch is not far behind.


Headspace App

The psychologists and mental health counsellors at Livecare have always emphasized the importance of mindfulness and meditation! Stress has been linked to weight gain, heart disease, and suicide. I’ve personally always struggled with meditation – I have a chatty brain. This app is great at guiding meditation sessions and helping you become more aware of body and mind.

Headspace app