Markus Ploesser

Dr. Markus Ploesser

Dr. Markus Ploesser specializes in adult general psychiatry. He has additional fellowship training in forensic psychiatry (University of Washington), and Integrative Medicine (University of Arizona).

He practices integrative psychiatry, which uses both traditional and complementary medicine remedies in the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Ploesser has an interest in adult ADHD and had practiced together with Margaret Weiss in the Weiss clinic for ADHD care in West Vancouver.


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Conventional pharmaceuticals
  • Preventive health
  • Botanical or herbal remedies
  • Dietary supplements

Dr. Ploesser is available to see patients (age 18 and older) through telemedicine. A family doctor referral is required.

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