Tips for a successful video visit

Please click on the link in your email 15 minutes before your appointment. This will put you in our virtual waiting room. You’re all set! When the doctor is ready, they will join the visit and you will have a secure and private visit with the doctor – exactly the same as if you were at the clinic!

1. Check internet connection

Wi-Fi or mobile LTE is strongly preferred for a great video visit experience. Your appointment email has a ‘System Check’ link in it. Click on this before you click on the link to ‘Join Visit’. It double checks to see if you have a strong internet connection and everything is working at your end.

2. Use headphones and be in a private location

This will help cut down on background noise and keep the conversation with your doctor private.

3. Sit tight!

We always do our best to see you at your scheduled time, but sometimes we run a few minutes behind, just like in the office.