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Video visits available now!

We’re thrilled to offer you secure video visits. While we love it when you see us in the office, we understand it’s not always convenient to do so. Video visits allow you to receive the same quality care as you do in the clinic, without taking time off work or travel or finding a sitter to see us.
Video visits are ideal for many types of appointments, especially follow-up and minor urgent care. Be sure to you read more to understand the types of appointments we offer for video visits.
We look forward to seeing you soon!
You don’t have to be a tech star to have a video visit. If you do things on your smart phone or computer like online banking and shopping or use email or download apps, you should have no problem…it’s that easy.

We use video visits for the following types of appointments:


Prescription Refills

Lab & Test Results

Follow-Up Care

General Questions

Our policy for video visits

We offer video visits to patients of Coast Medical. If you are a new patient, you may need to come into the clinic for your appointment. Video visits complement your quality of care but do not replace the need for in-person appointments altogether, especially if your appointment may require a physical exam.
If the reason for your visit might require an in-person appointment, we will ask you to come to the clinic.

Video appointments are a fast and easy way to see your doctor.


“I’m surprised how easy this is. My video quality was great. Perfect for a quick visit for both me and the doctor. Saved me time and parking. Who needs to travel when the roads are bad too.”
~Satisfied Customer~
“This sure makes it a lot easier to see my doctor. I can’t always get away from work for appointments. It’s perfect for me. No more missed appointments.”
~Satisfied Customer~
“Being a busy parent, this sure makes things easier. Pulling the kids out of school or getting a sitter isn’t practical. It won’t be for every visit. It sure beats the waiting room. We appreciate the convenience.”
~Satisfied Customer~

How it works

Schedule appointment
For Coast CareTM subscribers, request a video visit through the app or call your clinic. If you don’t subscribe to Coast CareTM, please call the clinic. If you would like to become a Coast CareTM subscriber, click here to learn more.
Receive your appointment email
Look out for an email with your appointment details. Be sure to hold onto the email, since you will need the link in the email to join your video visit. Please add the appointment to your calendar.
See the doctor
Click on the link in your email notification 15 minutes before your video visit. Wait for the doctor to join the visit.

Download the Livecare ConnectTM app to join your visit on your tablet or smartphone.
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Or install the free Google Chrome browser to join your visit using your computer.

Request your video visit now       REQUEST VIDEO VISIT

Tips for a successful video visit

Please click on the link in your email 15 minutes before your appointment. This will put you in our virtual waiting room. You’re all set!
When the doctor is ready, they will join the visit and you will have a secure and private visit with the doctor – exactly the same as if you were at the clinic!
1. Check internet connection
Wi-Fi or mobile LTE is strongly preferred for a great video visit experience. Your appointment email has a ‘System Check’ link in it. Click on this before you click on the link to ‘Join Visit’. It double checks to see if you have a strong internet connection and everything is working at your end.
2. Use headphones and be in a private location
This will help cut down on background noise and keep the conversation with your doctor private.
3. Sit tight!
We always do our best to see you at your scheduled time, but sometimes we run a few minutes behind, just like in the office.

Frequently asked questions

How much will my visit cost?

There’s no charge for video visits. They’re covered by MSP.

What should I do to prepare for my video visit?

If you plan to join your video visit using your computer, download the free Google Chrome browser. If you plan to join your video visit using your smart phone or tablet, download the Livecare ConnectTM app. You do not need to create an account or log into the app in order to join your video visit.

Which devices can I use for my video visit?

You can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone (iPhone, iPad, and Android devices) for your video visit. It’s completely up to you.

Is my video visit secure?

Yes! The video technology uses bank-grade encryption. However, make sure you find a quiet, private place in your home or office for your appointment.


Request your video visit now       REQUEST VIDEO VISIT


Here’s our technology partner

The team at LivecareTM are available to answer all your technical questions. You can chat with their support team directly in the app (or on the web) or contact them by phone or email.

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