Painkiller Policy

Dear Client,

We understand that pain relief is important when you are hurt or need emergency care. However, providing ongoing pain relief is so complex that it is best treated by your family doctor or the appropriate physician involved with your ongoing care.

The doctors at Coast Medical Clinic are dedicated to giving the safest care possible. Mistakes or misuse of painkillers can cause serious health problems and even death.

Therefore, our policy on narcotic painkiller (such as codeine, oxycodone, hydromorphone and morphine) prescriptions for walk-in patients (ie those that are not attached to a family doctor at the clinic) is:

  • We will only prescribe narcotics for new painful conditions (such as broken bones) or for cancer pain where we as doctors consider it appropriate
  • We will not refill narcotic prescriptions or replace lost prescriptions
  • We will not prescribe narcotics for longstanding (or chronic) pain
  • We will not dispense methadone or any substitute narcotic for missed doses


The Doctors of Coast Medical Clinic