Rose Wong

Dr. Rose Wong

Dr. Rose Wong

Dr. Rose Wong graduated from Trinity Collage, Dublin, Ireland, and was an Undergraduate, from the National University of Singapore. One of Dr. Wong’s focuses in medicine, is cosmetics, she has a passion for helping her patients look and feel their Best Selves.

Dr. Wong has worked with Coast Medical for 7-8 years, one of our long-standing doctors. Outside of work, Dr. Wong is interested in travel, and learning about new cultures, reading and cooking, with hopes to have an organic farm one day.

“I have a great experience working with telemedicine for a few years now, predominantly for rural areas, ensuring they have access to a doctor and medical advice. In regard to telemedicine for urban areas, I’m excited to be on board, and to see how it evolves. It will give patients peace of mind, when you wake up in the middle of the night with stomach pain, now your doctor is just a few clicks away”

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