Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Dr. Erin Nichol, MD, CCFP

Dr. Nichol attended the University of British Columbia medical school, followed by residency at the University of Calgary. She started practice in Yellowknife and travelled throughout BC doing locums before settling in Vancouver, close to family. Dr. Nichol enjoys travelling, works on her cabin whenever she can, and loves to spend time with her niece and nephew. Dr. Nichol is the medical director and owner of Coast Medical Clinic and strives to ensure high-quality care for all of our valued clients.

Dr. Nick Graham, MD, CCFP

Dr. Graham was born and raised in Victoria, BC. He completed his medical degree in 2008, and family medicine residency in 2010, at the University of Alberta. He has now happily moved his practice back to the west coast. Dr. Graham enjoys a full spectrum practice, from pediatrics to geriatrics, including prenatal care up to 20 weeks gestation. In his free time Dr. Graham likes biking and taking his dog for runs along the seawall.

Dr. Peter G. Hanson, MD

Dr. Hanson is returning to his BC origins after a career in Toronto and Denver Colorado. He will be working full time at the Coast Medical Clinic Seymour.
He was the team doctor for the Toronto Argonauts, before writing the international bestseller “The Joy of Stress”. He moved to Denver Colorado, where he was one of the doctors for the Denver Broncos of the NFL, as well as the Colorado Avalanche and the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL. He also looked after the Colorado Rapids of the MLS. He specializes in sports medicine using trigger point injections without cortisone. These use just a few drops of local anesthetic, and takes his expertise in acupuncture to a new level. Ideal for acute headaches or injuries to the back or neck, or for muscle knots in the limbs. These treatments offer a quick response with no side effects. Once these muscle knots are treated, it is much easier for the patient to enjoy the full benefits of physio, massage, and chiropractic as needed, and to return to exercise promptly.

Dr. Sarah Kennea, MBChB, CCFP – Whistler

Dr. Kennea received her Medical Degree from the University of Glasgow, and has worked in private practice across England, The Channel Islands and most recently The Sunshine Coast. She will be working full time at the Coast Medical Clinic Whistler, and will become a permanent fixture with her family in Whistler year-round. Dr. Kennea is a mother to two young boys and has a passion for family medicine, and provides a full spectrum practice from paediatric to geriatric. In addition, Dr. Kennea is a professional in facial aesthetics, delivering non-surgical face lifts with fillers, botox administration, dermal fillers, which includes a medical treatment for migraine. Details of Dr. Kennea’s cosmetic practice can be found at whistleraesthetics.com

Dr. Rose Wong

Dr. Wong is currently providing medical cosmetic services at our clinic in False Creek. She is a highly skilled injector of Botox and facial fillers for rejuvenation, beautification and transformation. She believes in a global approach to facial enhancements utilizing cutting edge products with precise and innovative techniques from Allergan’s famed MD Codes. This is a game changer that finally allows Dr Wong to create or recreate the most desirable natural facial architecture for our patients, without the use of plastic surgery.
Dr Wong also believes in a comprehensive approach to revitalization which includes skincare, overall health and mental wellness. Together with the arsenal of medical grade skincare regime we offer, Dr Wong will also bring along her extensive experience in Family Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Anti-aging and rejuvenation Medicine to guide her patients when they embark on this exciting journey.
For more information on Dr Rose Wong please visit hushtherapy.ca

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